At Amritasya, we believe and respect that every individual deserves the best, the most natural, safest and healthiest-to-consume products.

Live to eat or eat to live? No matter which choice you make, it should be healthy and in the best interest of your body. It is our aim and topmost priority to help you achieve exactly the same.

All the products we deliver are guaranteed to be pesticides free, i.e. organically grown, which is every nutritionist's, dietitians and most importantly every Mother's dream.


The roots from which the chemicals come in grains is the farm in which it is grown and the farmer who grows it. The grains are grown in our own farm and we look after them to make sure they are absolutely chemical-free and produced only using natural bio-fertilizers.

Our products are organic, however, not priced at exorbitant organic rates. Instead, we charge nominal rates keeping in sync with the market rates as we aim to reach out to every household, irrespective of class and wealth.